Live Entertainment was the first to close its doors when the global pandemic hit. As the industry prepares to re-open there are a number of challenges operators face which is why we are here to ensure a safe and smooth re-opening.


You Check provides a one-stop solution for re-opening, its entry management solution for live operators provides attendees with an event passport app, which allows users to store all the necessary information for entry.

 You Check Event Passport  

 Proof of age

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A user creates an account by simply verifying who they are, they do this by using their ID document. During the 2-minute registration process, attendees capture their ID documents, we use sophisticated AI to determine the authenticity of the document. Facial recognition is then used to match the document to the attendee. 

We can verify documents from 195 countries worldwide including driving license, passport, resident cards, and more. Attendees who don't have an ID document can still create an unverified account.

Attendees can receive and store event tickets 

Attendees can keep all information secure in one place

 Operators can send event information instantly to attendees!



 You Check Scanner   

The You Check scanner app connects straight to your You Check admin panel, giving you a 360 view on your event. 


Verify an attendees age and ticket in one simple scan ​


Send important notifications to all access staff 

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